Night Zookeeper for Language Arts

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Night Zookeeper is an online educational program that teaches language arts skills in a fun and engaging way. It is designed to make kids want to learn. The program draws kids in with stories, drawings, and games.

Learning to write well can be fun!

The program is made up of a ton of great features!

What is Night Zookeeper?

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Night Zookeeper is made up of quite a few sections, all accessible from the student homepage.

  • My zoo
  • Activities
  • My stuff
  • Blog
  • Messages
Night Zookeeper - a language arts curriculum or supplement

My Zoo

Kids work to build and protect their night zoo, making them a night zookeeper. The animals are created one at a time. Players use the drawing tool to design the creature. Next, they are guided through writing about the animal they invented.

Their new animal is added to their personal zoo and can be used in all of their future projects.


There are quite a few activities available!

  • TV+ lessons
  • Writing prompts
  • Challenges
  • Games
  • Projects

TV+ lessons – The TV+ lessons are video lessons about a variety of writing skills. The videos are short to hold kid-size attention spans. It is recommended to watch 2+ video lessons each week.

Writing prompts – Here kids will find a variety of writing prompts. Kids can practice writing stories, reports, poems, persuasive writing, biographies, and more.

Challenges – These multiple choice challenges review grammar principles.

Games – Games are a fun way to teach or review language arts skills. These games cover spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

Projects – Projects give kids the chance to write about topics they enjoy. For example, there is a Minecraft Fan Club project where the members write fan fiction.

My Stuff

Kids can find all of their writing, drawings, comments, and friends list in this section of the website. They can also begin new projects here.


The blog section of the site is not like a typical blog. It is accessible only by other Night Zookeeper students. Kids are grouped into classes and the blog lets them read the writing projects and see the drawings of others in their group. They can even leave comments for each other.

It can be so encouraging to get positive feedback from your peers!


Students will find comments from their tutors and other kids in the messages section. They will also see a few TV+ lessons that are suggested for them.

What do kids learn?

Kids learn writing skills, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary, but they also learn something even more important. They learn that writing can be fun!

Tutors read every writing project and give feedback. The tutors do a great job being positive while still offering suggestions to improve the writing.

Is Night Zookeeper a full curriculum?

Night Zookeeper can absolutely be a full language arts curriculum. It covers everything – writing, reading, and grammar.

However, Night Zookeeper can also be used as a supplement to help boost language art skills. It is educational, but it feels like play, so kids want to spend extra time practicing their language arts skills.

How much involvement is required by parents?

Night Zookeeper does not require much parental involvement. It helps parents transition from the role of teacher to more of a supporting position. The program does the teaching and the parents just make sure the child has time on a computer.

There is a parent dashboard that keeps the parents in the loop. The dashboard lets parents see:

  • Learning goals are broken down by topic (complete with accuracy score)
  • Number of challenges completed
  • Writing
  • Drawings
  • Reading
  • Friends

Parents are in full control, but Night Zookeeper takes care of the lesson planning and instruction.

How much does Night Zookeeper cost?

Night Zookeeper offers 3 payment options. One child costs:

  • $12.99/ month
  • $33.99/ quarter
  • $118.99/ year

However, using this special link will get you a free 7-day trial and an annual membership for $59.99 ($77.99 for 2 – 3 kids). That is a 52% discount! There is no coupon code required, just use this link.

What age is Night Zookeeper for?

Night Zookeeper is intended for kids 5 – 12+. However, you know your child the best. Parents can also adjust the difficulty of the program in the dashboard settings by changing the student age.

There is a free 7-day trial to see if this program is right for your child.

What is included in a Night Zookeeper membership?

  • All of the lessons, games, and activities
  • Feedback from tutors
  • Weekly competitions (with prizes!)
  • Monthly educational printables

Is Night Zookeeper safe for kids?

Night Zookeeper does a fantastic job creating an online site that is truly safe for kids. I was impressed at all the attention that is put into protecting the identity of the kids.

There are multiple levels of security:

  • User names are assigned so that a child doesn’t accidentally give out identifying information
  • Profile images are drawings, not photographs
  • Any communication between kids is monitored by the tutors
  • Comments are moderated before being published

My Thoughts about Night Zookeeper

I was thoroughly impressed with Night Zookeeper! If you have been around here a while then you know that I am a huge fan of teaching through play. That can be tough with writing, but Night Zookeeper manages to do it really well.

There is something that will appeal to just about everyone.

Kids who love video games will enjoy the challenges and games. This is screen time that parents can feel good about!

Children who love arts and crafts will like the drawing aspect of the program. They can let the creativity flow while designing new animals for the night zoo. They might even start to see writing as a creative outlet.

There are several scenarios that I think will be perfect for a Night Zookeeper membership:

Homeschooling – This program can be used as a full language arts curriculum. Outsource the language arts instruction with this fun curriculum and free up your teaching time.

Supplementing homeschooling – Night Zookeeper can help boost skills even if you already have a language arts curriculum.

Supplementing distance learning – This online program can help students review and reinforce any language arts skills that need a little help.

Summer learning – Stop the summer slump by signing your kids up for Night Zookeeper. Kids can spend the hot summer days building an online fantasy zoo while keeping their language arts skills sharp.

Night Zookeeper is a fantastic online language arts curriculum!

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    1. That is a great question! I don’t see a teacher discount listed on the Night Zookeeper teacher page other than the 50% annual membership discount. Their customer service department is very helpful and can probably find the best answer.

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