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It can be a little tricky to homeschool chemistry, especially if you want to include labs. Chemistry labs usually seem to be either way too easy or require a professional chemistry lab. Spoiler alert, but I do not have a closet full of chemicals and expensive science equipment.

Last year I struggled to find lab experiments that were appropriate for the high school years, so this year I was on the hunt for something better. I wanted:

  • A program that can be accessed online at any time.
  • Labs that are actually appropriate for a high school level science course.
  • Experiments that are explained by an expert.
  • Labs that correlate with any chemistry curriculum.
  • Experiments that don’t require hard to find supplies.
  • A program that is affordable.

Dr. Kristin Moon, from Kristin Moon Science, came to the rescue! She created a series of online homeschool chemistry lab videos that are fantastic!

I received a free membership to the Kristin Moon Science Homeschool Chemistry Lab Videos in exchange for writing this review. All opinions are my own.

Online Homeschool Chemistry Lab Videos

online chemistry lab videos written in front of purple and green beakers
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A program that can be accessed online at any time

For various reasons, an online chemistry lab works best for my family this year. My daughter is naturally a night owl and it isn’t unusual for her to do most of her school work late at night. I think she can focus a little easier when the house is quiet and distractions are at a minimum.

This online chemistry lab video course is self-paced, letting students work at their own pace, as quickly or as slowly as necessary. Students have online access to the entire course for one year, giving them a full 12 months to complete the labs.

Labs that are actually high school level

Have you noticed that it is hard to find science experiments that are actually high school level? Pinterest is full of cute experiments, but they are almost always kitchen science activities geared towards elementary-age kids.

I want my kids to have access to high school level labs because it is important to me that my kids get an education that is equal or better to the education they would receive in public school. I don’t want them to miss out on any important lessons. Also, the colleges my daughter is considering all require at least one year of science including labs.

This homeschool chemistry lab video course contains more than 30 lab experiments that are appropriate for high school students. The topics include things like:

  • Percent composition of bubble gum
  • Determining the water of hydration of a hydrate
  • The combustion of steel wool
  • Air bag stoichiometry
  • Powdered drink molarity

Check out the full list of chemistry labs.

Experiments that are explained by an expert

A lab experiment is worthless if the student doesn’t understand what happened. Every activity in the Chemistry Lab Video Course includes a review of the chemistry concepts being explored and demonstrated.

Dr. Moon is highly qualified to explain the experiments. She has a Bachelor’s degree in microbiology and a Ph.D. in molecular genetics, so she has the science part covered. She also has over 20 years of experience teaching, including homeschooling. This combination makes her the perfect person to create this online chemistry lab program!

I love that a professional scientist and homeschool mom is walking my daughter through chemistry experiments.

Homeschool chemistry lab videos written in front of test tubes on a phone screen

Labs that correlate with any chemistry curriculum

There are a variety of science curricula on the market these days. There seems to be an option for just about any educational philosophy and learning style.

This online homeschool chemistry lab video course covers all of the topics typically covered in a traditional high school chemistry course. That means that it will pair well with any chemistry curriculum.

The lab experiments in this course can be completed in any order so students can do the activities when they are learning the material in their textbook.

The course includes a list of all the labs and the topics they cover so it is easy to match them up with any curriculum.

Every video lesson includes:

  • Printable instructions
  • Printable recording sheets (these are great to keep with your high school records)
  • Video review of the science concepts being studied
  • Professionally produced video demonstration of the lab
  • Sample calculations and an answer key

Experiments that don’t require hard to find supplies

Last year I had to ignore at least half the lab activities in my daughter’s high school biology curriculum. The experiments were not at all practical for doing at home because they required a ton of specialized equipment.

Dr. Moon worked hard to create high school experiments that can actually be done at home. There is no expensive scientific equipment to buy. The entire list of supplies, including household items, is available at the beginning of the course. The supplies required are easily found online and are pretty reasonably priced. I purchased everything in one order so that all of the supplies are here and ready for my daughter. I like this option better than predetermined lab kits because there is no overlap. You only buy what you need.

When my younger son goes through this homeschool chemistry plan in a few years I will not need to buy everything again. Things like a laboratory scoop, alcohol lampstand, density cylinders, and a pocket scale will be able to be used for years.

A program that is affordable

Homeschool chemistry co-op classes can be very pricey. This online chemistry lab video course is extremely affordable in comparison.

My High School Homeschool Chemistry Curriculum

My daughter will be using this homeschool chemistry lab video course in conjunction with the Prentice Hall High School Chemistry textbook and study guide.

This textbook has 25 chapters, so our goal is to complete 2 – 3 chapters each month. I try to stay on pace to finish the textbook before the end of the school year, but I am always willing to spend a little extra time on a topic if my kids are having difficulty with the material.

My daughter will read the chapter, work through the study guide pages, watch any related videos from this curated list of chemistry YouTube videos, and then complete the lab activities. Each lab video includes a lab report printable with answer keys.

Currently, my daughter’s homeschool chemistry plan is:

Ch. 1 Intro to Chemistry
Lab – Lab Safety

Ch. 2 Matter and Change
Lab – Separating a Heterogeneous Mixture

Ch. 3 Scientific Measurement
Lab – Measurement Basics
Lab – Using Density to Identify an Unknown

Ch. 4 Atomic Structure
Lab – Build an Atom with Candy

Ch. 5 Electrons in Atoms
Lab – Metal Ion Flame Tests

Ch. 6 The Periodic Table of Elements
Lab – Exploring the Periodic Table

Ch. 7 Ionic and Metallic Bonding

Ch. 8 Covalent Bonding
Lab – Comparing Ionic and Covalent Compounds

Ch. 9 Chemical Names and Formulas

Ch. 10 Chemical Quantities
Lab – Measuring Moles
Lab – Molecular and Empirical Formulas
Lab – Lab – Percent Composition of Bubble Gum

Ch. 11 Chemical Reactions
Lab – Forming a Precipitate
Lab – Combustion of Steel Wool
Lab- Copper Plating a Nail

Ch. 12 Stoichiometry
Lab – Using Stoichiometry to Determine the Amount of Baking Soda in an Effervescent Tablet
Lab – Airbag Stoichiometry

Ch. 13 States of Matter

Ch. 14 The Behavior of Gases
Lab – Exploring Gas Laws
Lab – Using the Ideal Gas Laws

Ch. 15 Water and Aqueous Systems
Lab – Determining the Water Hydration of a Hydrate

Ch. 16 Solutions
Lab – Like Dissolves Like: How Polarity Affects Solubility
Lab – Powdered Drink Molarity
Lab – Investigating the Colligative Properties of Solutions

Ch.17 Thermochemistry
Lab – Using Calorimetry to Study Heat Transfer

Ch.18 Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
Lab – Investigating Entropy and Enthalpy
Lab – The Factors that Affect the Rate of a Reaction
Lab – Demonstrating Le Chatelier’s Principle

Ch. 19 Acids, Bases, and Salts
Lab – Investigating Acids and Bases
Lab – Acid/Base Titration

Ch. 20 Oxidation – Reduction Reactions
Lab – Electrolysis of Water

Ch. 21 Electrochemistry

Ch. 22 Hydrocarbon Compounds

Ch. 23 Functional Groups

Ch. 24 The Chemistry of Life

Ch. 25 Nuclear Chemistry
Lab – Half Life of M&Ms

I think this homeschool chemistry plan will work really well for my daughter. The video lab course looks amazing. I am so thankful that someone who is truly passionate about science put together such a great program for homeschool families. This chemistry experience is going to really enrich our homeschool this year.

Update – My daughter has been working through this science curriculum for a few months and I am so impressed. Dr. Moon does an excellent job explaining difficult concepts in a way that teens can understand. It is a great option for any homeschool family who is looking to enrich their high school student’s chemistry education.

High school science can be intimidating, but this online homeschool chemistry lab course makes it fun.

Kristin Moon Science now has Biology Video Labs available too!

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