St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Teatime

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A St. Patrick’s Day poetry teatime is a wonderful addition to your March lesson plans.

St. Patrick'a Day Poetry Teatime written on green background

Poetry teatime is one of my favorite parts of homeschooling.  There is just something so wonderful about my family sitting around the table laughing over silly poems and eating delicious treats. 

This is a pretty common occurrence at my house, but it always seems extra special when there is a holiday involved. 

St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Teatime

Typically our poetry teatime is just my family, but whenever possible we invite friends.  Luckily, a few friends had a free afternoon recently. 

The kids enjoyed a little creative art time with the St. Patrick’s Day art tray while my friend and I caught up with each other.  After they were finished crafting, we sent them outside to play while we swept up the glitter and set the table for our St. Patrick’s Day poetry teatime.

St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Teatime Books

St. Patrick's Day poetry books for kids

Poetry doesn’t just mean short stanzas.  Sometimes entire books can be written as a poem. 

These two picture books tell cute St. Patrick’s Day stories through rhyming text.

How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace

How to Catch a Leprechaun follows a leprechaun through several homes on St. Patrick’s Day. 

He dodges traps, causes a ruckus, and drops gold coins. 

Bonus – this is a great picture book to read before constructing leprechaun traps (which is a fantastic STEM project.)

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The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day  by Natasha Wing

Young children always seem to love the The Night Before . . . series.

Tim and Maureen are excited about St. Patrick’s Day.  Their entire family is in on the fun.  They are hoping to get lucky and dig up some gold treasure.

I read the books aloud after all of our guests were seated, had a hot cup of tea, and a plate full of snacks.

This St. Patrick's Day poetry teatime is one of our favorite family friendly St. Paddy Day activities. The cute poems and delicious treats are a hit with kids.

St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Teatime Snacks

My children would argue that snacks are the most important ingredient of a poetry teatime.  The snacks do not have to be elaborate.  In fact, sometimes we opt for a simple teatime and just pick up a sweet treat in the grocery store bakery section.

Themed snacks can help make a poetry teatime feel special.

Want to know my secret ingredient to instantly transform a simple snack into a themed treat?


Sprinkles are inexpensive and easy to find at grocery stores, craft stores, and even Target.  For our St. Patrick’s Day poetry teatime I picked up green sugar sprinkles and rainbow nonpareils.

I just sprinkled the little sugary crumbs onto easy snacks.

Lime green jello topped with whipped cream and rainbow nonpareils – I wasn’t sure if kids like lime jello, but they devoured it.

Jello is really inexpensive if you make it at home. I like to make up a double batch and put it in plastic snack cups. They are the perfect size and I can stack them in the fridge.

St. Patrick's Day poetry teatime jello

Rainbow fruit salad –  This rainbow fruit salad was beautiful and delicious.  I included a variety of colors:

  • red – strawberry slices
  • orange – cantaloupe cubes
  • yellow – fresh pineapple
  • green – kiwi circles
  • blue – blackberries (blueberries would certainly work, but the blackberries looked better at my grocery store)
St. Patrick's Day poetry teatime snacks of rainbow fruit salad and green cookies

Gluten-free chocolate chip cookies – I took the super simple route and baked up a few packaged gluten-free chocolate chip cookies from the refrigerator section. 

I added green sprinkles once the cookies were about half baked.  This timing made the dough soft so the sprinkles stuck.

Tea is of course a necessary ingredient in a poetry teatime.  I set out our tea basket and let the kids select their own tea. 

Popular choices were decaf green tea and decaf mint tea.  Both seemed to fit right in with the green theme.

St. Patrick’s Day Poetry Teatime Decor

Teatime decor is completely optional.  It can add a little ambiance, but let’s be honest, the focus is on the poetry and the treats.

Have you ever dyed white carnation flowers with food coloring?  I have done this several times, both as a child myself and with my own children.  I thought it would be cute and festive to create a rainbow bouquet of flowers.

Things did not go as planned.

First, carnations were more expensive than I expected.  I was seriously expecting a small bouquet of carnations to be just a few dollars.  For whatever reason, they were $15!  That was more than I wanted to spend on a science experiment/ poetry teatime decoration. 

I selected a bunch of white daisies instead.

Second, the daisies would not suck up the colored water.  I diligently put one freshly cut stem in each color of dyed water – red, blue, yellow, and green as soon as I got home from the grocery store.  24 hours later, the flowers looked exactly the same.  There was no change whatsoever.

I just rolled with it.  I mean, what else could I do?  The daisies looked lovely sitting in a glass of green water.

What would you add to a St. Patrick’s Day poetry teatime?

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