Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids

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My family tends to relax our typical homeschool schedule a bit over the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving. The last few years I have enjoyed hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner for my family full of all of the traditional foods – gluten-free and prepared from scratch. While I am busy cooking, my daughter likes to make Thanksgiving craft projects.

She usually helps me prepare the pies and then happily crafts at the table nearby.

These Thanksgiving craft projects can be completed in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to be used as decor. I love decorating with my children’s art projects.

My kids are almost out of the craft phase, so I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanksgiving Craft Projects for Kids

These Thanksgiving craft projects for kids are adorable! Simple materials make great diy Thanksgiving decor. #thanksgiving #craftsforkids

Sun catcher turkey

This Thanksgiving craft project is super simple and uses materials you probably already have in your home – parchment paper, construction paper, and tempera paint sticks.

While the sun shining through the painted parchment paper is beautiful, don’t worry about needing window space. You can hang this craft just about anywhere.

Sometimes I like to attach a magnetic business card to the back and hang it on the refrigerator.

The Thin Stix Creativity Pack helps kids create mess free painting. Use them to create a turkey suncatcher! #kidfriendly #Thanksgiving #Thanksgivingcraft

Thanksgiving parade crafts and activities

Do your children enjoy watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade as much as my kids? Every year we watch the floats, performers, and balloons drift down the streets of New York City while cooking a Thanksgiving feast.

These crafts and activities are the perfect companions to watching the parade.

Pilgrim hat crayon cup

Are you hosting Thanksgiving dinner at your house this year? These pilgrim hat crayon cups would be an adorable and useful addition to the kids’ table.

Add a paper tablecloth and the kids might even entertain themselves enough for you to enjoy your meal while it is still hot!

Corn cob painting

Texture painting is a fun activity that even toddlers can enjoy.

It is more about the experience than about the finished product. Back in my kindergarten teacher days, we sometimes cut shapes out of the dried texture painted papers.

The linked directions suggest using an ear of fresh corn, but dried corn cobs can also be used.

Turkey painted pine cone

I wanted to go on a nature walk to find pine cones as soon as I saw this cute craft. Turn pine cones into adorable turkeys with just paint, glue, and pom moms.

This Thanksgiving craft project would be perfect scattered around a table or lined up on window sills.

Turkey leaf luminaries

Turkey leaf luminaries are the kind of Thanksgiving craft project that can be saved to enjoy year after year. They would also make a cute gift for grandparents.

This is another great excuse for a nature walk to find the colorful leaves that will make up the turkey tail. There are still plenty of gorgeous vibrant leaves around Thanksgiving in North Carolina, but if there are none in your area, fake leaves are a great alternative. Use the clear mason jar of your choice or simply reuse a glass jar, like a salsa jar.

Pie garland

So, there are two ways to make this garland.

The first is to follow the linked directions by Martha Stewart. This might be a great option for older kids.

The second option, and the one I personally would choose, is to paint paper plates to look like pumpkin pie. Cut them into triangular slices. Gluing on cotton balls is a simple way to simulate a dollop of whipped cream. Then string all the slices together on a thin ribbon to create a garland.

Garlands can be strung along fireplace mantles, windows, or banisters.

My kids created a holiday garland for me years ago and I have found it very easy to store. Garlands fold pretty flat, so they take up almost no space.

Prepackaged cookie treats

I’m pretty sure this will snack craft will be a huge hit with my kids! Now that I think about it, I’m not sure they have ever eaten a packaged oatmeal pie. I think just about any round snack would work too.

A little construction paper, googley eyes, and craft feathers turn this Little Debbie classic into a cute little turkey.

This would be a really cute and easy snack to bring to a co-op Thanksgiving party.

What are your favorite Thanksgiving craft projects to do with your kids?

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